Jens Oliver Robbers

ROBBERS – that sounds like gloomy forests and shady characters. But as well like lateral thinkers, that pursue their trade with passion, using paths that not everybody sets foot on.


Jens Oliver Robbers does this as a designer. Many years of practical experience combine with the accuracy, with which he supervices companies and products. It is this experience that he ows the easiness that permits the development of substantial Illustrations and a good editorial design.

Jens Oliver Robbers´ expertise is diversified, his major strengths though include illustration, corporate design and editorial design. His pleasure in initiative projects resulted in many favoured products.


Jens has also been the head of the powerful ROBBERS & GUNS design team since 2021.


As a graduated communication designer (degree in 2009 at Prof. Wolf Erlbruch at Bergischen Universität Wuppertal) Jens Oliver Robbers is working  from his office in Wuppertal.

In search of abettors or support for going on a caper?


CV and a current portfolio-PDF are available on request. Please send an e-mail with background informationen.




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